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If you are searching for the Best newborn Photographer|kids Photography or children|Baby Portrait photographer|Baby Portrait Photo Studio in chennai you are in the correct place. for the Best Package and the quality output

At Muthu Kannan Photography Studio We create Beautiful Portraits every Photo shoot is unique for us.  We invite you for the Creative beautiful fun filled portrait shoot with your loved ones.

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Best Corporate and Advertising Film Maker in chennai

Corporate and Advertising Film Makers in chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

The amount of information shared on the Internet post 2011, has risen exponentially. Internet is a world without barriers, where individuals, and brands interact with each other. Organizations are turning to social media, to promote their products. Yes! social media is the future of advertising. But what has not changed is the process of making ad films, save some tweaks hither or thither. Ad filmmaking involves rigorous brain storming sessions, right from making the concept, production and postproduction stages. Thanks to our team of wonderful creators, we have pulled off some amazing ads with relative ease. The key aspect of ad film making, is the idea that merges with the brand. We are experienced enough to separate the idea, curate, and give life to it, to make it palatable for consumers at large. We are crazy about fresh ideas, and therein lay our love for making ad film

Couple Portrait Photographer in chennai – Muthu Kannan Photography

Couple Portrait:

Yesteryears or even today, the photos that are displayed outside a photography studio are either kids and/or couple’s. The ability of a studio in producing quality photographs is benchmarked with these two types. We offer couple portrait services at our studio or at locations, chosen by our customers. Couple’s portrait is something that they cherish for a long time. We bear that in mind and craft photographs that reflect the longevity of their love.

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Family – Group Portrait Photographer | Studio in chennai

Large families are not thing of the past, or at least at this point of time! Big families, with long list of members, these days, are happy to capture them in a single frame. Family group photography is a budding genre in photography, which we are certain that will stay for quite some time, at least until large families are history. As with other similar genres, we conduct photo shoots either at our studio or at customer’s location. We offer the customers, the liberty of choosing the portrait sizes, of course with decent levels of inputs from our end.

Alliance Portrait Photographer in chennai

Wedding Alliance Portrait Photography:

aliance Photographer in chennai

Best Studio at Anna Nagar

“First impression is the best impression” – how true is it in weddings! Arranged marriages these days, are far demanding than it used to be in the past. Would-be couple chooses their counterpart, based on the initially created impression. Owing to explosion in instant communication, you never know if a bride/groom’s photograph is shared in print or digital form. Wedding alliance photography offers best answers to such questions. We add life to your pictures, and ensure they send the right signals to the prospective family trying to woo you. We prefer to conduct such photo shoots in our studio, considering the facilities we possess in creating the right mood for the photograph; nevertheless we also work at locations, as preferred by customers.

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Model Photography:

Modeling these days, are mostly accepted in our otherwise conservative society. This has led to organizations, leveraging the available talent sources, in offering modeling assignments. Having understood the market trends, we have fully equipped our studios to handle model photography. We work with clients, and individuals alike in understanding their requirements, and offering a complete makeover to our setup if necessary. We also undertake outdoor modeling assignments, and leave no stone unturned in ensuring vibrancy of our photographs.

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Best Product | Food Photographer in chennai

Product Photography:

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We are living in the era of online shopping. Consumers almost check every product online, to freeze their purchase decisions. Research has shown that a good photograph differentiates a product from being sold or left. We work with lot of merchants in creating, right product portfolios for them. Professional photographers, who work with merchants, have the ability to identify an angle of a product totally unexplored. This is precisely where product photography is a niche segment. As product photographers we possess strong abilities to communicate the functionalities of the product, albeit a single word. With backing of several years of experience in the field, we can certainly claim that we are one of the best choices for your product photography requirements.

Food Photography:

Enter a restaurant nowadays, and there are good chances that a huge photograph of paneer butter masala beckons you! There are a lot of instances, where your cuisine choice is altered just because you have a wonderful photo staring at you, whispering in your mind – “eat me”! Welcome to the world of “food photography”. Food photography used to be a part of product photography, but has carved a big forte for itself. Food photography to us; works on the famous Pavlov principle. Train your customer’s mind to think of the menu on the photo, and the same reflects on the sales. We employ tried-and-proven methodologies to create an impact with the photograph of a cuisine. Surprisingly, adoption of food photography is found to be high in all restaurant categories. We undertake photo-shoots either at our studio, or at our customer’s restaurant.

School/College Promotion made simple with Muthu Kannan Photography chennai

School/College Promotion made simple with Muthu Kannan Photography chennai

Showcase your school in a way that reinforces your school’s values.

Contact Muthu Kannan Photography for School/College Event/Promotion/Convocation/Graduation

Photograph your School/college Infrastructure for the New Enrolment Promotions

Impress prospective parents and students with a Brochure and the Website.

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Cinematic Wedding Video Shooting

Cinematic Wedding Video Shooting

We have specialized in documentary style wedding videography, thanks to some inputs from our clients. Wedding videography, is no more a dull play. We have breathed a fresh lease of life into this process, including a cinematic trailer, which is shareable, and then we employ post production techniques to make movie style wedding videos. The charming part of the story is that we work with our clients at every stage of the production, to bring in their ideas, and make the video a jaw-dropping product.

HD Wedding Videographer in chennai

HD Wedding Video:

Videography equipment today, is certainly equipped with the ability to make videos of 1080p. For the purpose of sharing and easy postproduction, videos are made with a little less pixel quality. Depending upon the requirements of the customer, we extend our ability to make High Definition videos, for viewing on large screens. These videos are ideal for sharing in websites like YouTube, or Vimeo and can be shared with kith or kin globally, without losing the original quality.

Multi camera Video Shooting in chennai

Multi camera Video Shooting:

A lot of people who had watched the movie – “Boys”, might have failed to notice a technique employed by the Director in filming the song – “Yegiri Gudhithen”, which was probably the first time, Tamil Cinema was exposed to multi camera filming. As with other technologies, multi camera shooting is extended to wedding videography as well. The sheer presence of a multiple cameras in a wedding hall pulls lot of emotions and adds quite a weightage in making wedding videos. Multicamera helps videographers in adding stunning visuals in postproduction stages.

Crane and Helicam Shooting in chennai

Crane and Helicam Shooting:

Weddings and film shooting these days bears very subtle differences. Helicam and crane shoot have become a very common sight in weddings. What used to be a cameraman’s possession has broken the barriers and has reached the weddings halls for common man. Helicam and crane shooting is a very new concept in wedding videography. It adds, the aerial angle, which can never be achieved with traditional equipment. A simple comparison with two different sets of wedding videos, one with helicam and the other without will show you at least thousand different candid wedding moments. We extend our videography portfolio in offering video services with helicam and crane shooting.