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Product Photography:

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We are living in the era of online shopping. Consumers almost check every product online, to freeze their purchase decisions. Research has shown that a good photograph differentiates a product from being sold or left. We work with lot of merchants in creating, right product portfolios for them. Professional photographers, who work with merchants, have the ability to identify an angle of a product totally unexplored. This is precisely where product photography is a niche segment. As product photographers we possess strong abilities to communicate the functionalities of the product, albeit a single word. With backing of several years of experience in the field, we can certainly claim that we are one of the best choices for your product photography requirements.

Food Photography:

Enter a restaurant nowadays, and there are good chances that a huge photograph of paneer butter masala beckons you! There are a lot of instances, where your cuisine choice is altered just because you have a wonderful photo staring at you, whispering in your mind – “eat me”! Welcome to the world of “food photography”. Food photography used to be a part of product photography, but has carved a big forte for itself. Food photography to us; works on the famous Pavlov principle. Train your customer’s mind to think of the menu on the photo, and the same reflects on the sales. We employ tried-and-proven methodologies to create an impact with the photograph of a cuisine. Surprisingly, adoption of food photography is found to be high in all restaurant categories. We undertake photo-shoots either at our studio, or at our customer’s restaurant.

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