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Wedding Photographer in chennai

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Wedding Photographer in chennai
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Muthukannan is an artist, professional photographer, and acumen in his profession based in Chennai, a city of fun, colors and culture. His works includes excellence in wedding photography, product photography, food photography, studio portraits, videography and ad filmmaking.  Muthukannan likes to wield his camera, to portray wonderful emotions, which can be significantly frozen over time scale. “Reality is for people who lacks imagination” goes a saying. Every photograph is eye catching, but the ones from professional photographers deserve even much attention. Muthukannan is well known for his photography institute in Chennai – Visualite Academy. Visualite Photography is located at three key commercial nodes of Chennai – Mylapore, Adyar and Anna Nagar. Visualite Academy was born out of his desire to transfer his expertise, to prospective photographers. Just pop up a discussion about photography, and you are bound to feel his passion. Muthukannan currently accepts projects pertaining to wedding photography, cinematic wedding videography, commercial photography, Corporate event, Product, Model, Fashion, Industrial  and advertising video productions. He Has worked in the all the part of india like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and Coimbatore done more 550 wedding Shoots.

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Wedding Alliance Portrait Photography:

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“First impression is the best impression” – how true is it in weddings! Arranged marriages these days, are far demanding than it used to be in the past. Would-be couple chooses their counterpart, based on the initially created impression. Owing to explosion in instant communication, you never know if a bride/groom’s photograph is shared in print or digital form. Wedding alliance photography offers best answers to such questions. We add life to your pictures, and ensure they send the right signals to the prospective family trying to woo you. We prefer to conduct such photo shoots in our studio, considering the facilities we possess in creating the right mood for the photograph; nevertheless we also work at locations, as preferred by customers.