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Corporate and Advertising Film Makers in chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

The amount of information shared on the Internet post 2011, has risen exponentially. Internet is a world without barriers, where individuals, and brands interact with each other. Organizations are turning to social media, to promote their products. Yes! social media is the future of advertising. But what has not changed is the process of making ad films, save some tweaks hither or thither. Ad filmmaking involves rigorous brain storming sessions, right from making the concept, production and postproduction stages. Thanks to our team of wonderful creators, we have pulled off some amazing ads with relative ease. The key aspect of ad film making, is the idea that merges with the brand. We are experienced enough to separate the idea, curate, and give life to it, to make it palatable for consumers at large. We are crazy about fresh ideas, and therein lay our love for making ad film

Family – Group Portrait Photographer | Studio in chennai

Large families are not thing of the past, or at least at this point of time! Big families, with long list of members, these days, are happy to capture them in a single frame. Family group photography is a budding genre in photography, which we are certain that will stay for quite some time, at least until large families are history. As with other similar genres, we conduct photo shoots either at our studio or at customer’s location. We offer the customers, the liberty of choosing the portrait sizes, of course with decent levels of inputs from our end.

School/College Promotion made simple with Muthu Kannan Photography chennai

School/College Promotion made simple with Muthu Kannan Photography chennai

Showcase your school in a way that reinforces your school’s values.

Contact Muthu Kannan Photography for School/College Event/Promotion/Convocation/Graduation

Photograph your School/college Infrastructure for the New Enrolment Promotions

Impress prospective parents and students with a Brochure and the Website.

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Crane and Helicam Shooting in chennai

Crane and Helicam Shooting:

Weddings and film shooting these days bears very subtle differences. Helicam and crane shoot have become a very common sight in weddings. What used to be a cameraman’s possession has broken the barriers and has reached the weddings halls for common man. Helicam and crane shooting is a very new concept in wedding videography. It adds, the aerial angle, which can never be achieved with traditional equipment. A simple comparison with two different sets of wedding videos, one with helicam and the other without will show you at least thousand different candid wedding moments. We extend our videography portfolio in offering video services with helicam and crane shooting.