Fashion Photographer

Fashion photographer:

Fashion photography sells a lifestyle. While, in modelling photography the focus is on the model and their features and product photography focuses on the product being sold, fashion photography is neither about the model nor about the accessories that they are having in frame. Fashion photography stresses on the lifestyle being showcased.

fashion photo

Why is fashion photography important?

Fashion photography most often is a reflection of a certain culture or society. It is used for commercial purposes as well. Fashion photography helps understand the contemporary world around us. A lot of importance is given to background and the color in the photograph. None of the fashion photographs are taken in a plain background.

What is the job profile of a fashion photographer?

  • Directing models on how to pose for the camera.
  • Coming up with unique concepts the highlight the theme of the photo.
  • Should know how to light up different kinds of set ups.
  • Understanding fashion, fabrics, textures, colors, accessorizing and other such concepts.

Why should you hire MKP for your fashion shoots?

Muthu Kannan is one of the leading fashion photographers in Chennai. He has years of experience in this line and, his studio is the most well equipped studio in Chennai for fashion photo shoot. With his excellent artistic sense and exquisite styling techniques, his fashion photographs are the best.

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