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What is Product photography: 

Product photography is the representation of a product through images. This is used for advertising, e commerce and other commercial and personal purposes.

What are the types of product photography?

Product photography is of two types:

  1. Product only – studio shoot
  2. Product used in an environment – outdoor shoot

Product only shoots:

These kinds of photographs are shot within the studio in a plain background setup where, the focus is only on the product.  These kinds of photos intend to show the product look and quality. This doesn’t have a model in it.

Product used in an environment:

These kinds of photographs are shot in exterior location usually the location is chosen in such a way that it suits the theme of the product or the brand image that it is trying to create. This intends to show the usage of the product. This usually has a model or actor who endorses the usage of the product.

What is the purpose of product photography?

Considering that a lot of companies spend so much on product photography, there definitely is a reason to this. Listed below are the different reasons why people prefer to invest on getting their products photographed.

  1. Building a brand image – product photography tends to build a brand image. People prefer to trust a brand that posts the product’s photographs rather than a brand that doesn’t have visual representation of the product. Also, people tend to develop associations in their mind between the brand and the product photographs.
  2. To display quality – the product quality can be described in words but, nothing describes a product better than the photograph of the product itself.
  3. To show the texture and colors – a product photograph is used as a measure by the buyer to judge the color and texture of the product. Hence, the photographer should be very careful in making sure that the output of the photo is as close to reality as possible.

Things that a photographer needs to have in mind while doing a product photo shoot:

  • The lighting should not change the color or texture of the product too much. Lighting should only be used to compliment the product.
  • While doing outdoor shoots, the other elements in frame should be minimal so that the viewer’s attention is not lost on other elements in frame.
  • Highlight the product if there are other elements in frame because this makes it easier for the buyer to spot the product.
  • Post processing should be done sparingly only where it is necessary. Try and revive the original color and texture of the product in post processing.

Why should you hire Muthu Kannan Photography for product photography?

Muthu Kannan is a leading product photographer in Chennai who also owns a studio at Anna Nagar.  With his team of experienced photographers and reasonable rates, he makes product photography affordable for all. Having worked with big brands, we know the client expectations and understand branding. This makes our photographers outstanding among other product photographers in Chennai.

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