Traditional wedding photographer

Traditional wedding photography:

Wedding is a traditional event so, although people do opt for candid photography, wedding films, lip dub shoots, there is still always a preference for traditional wedding photography.

There are two types of traditional wedding photography:

  • Traditional studio portrait
  • Traditional photographs at venue

Traditional studio portrait:

These are portraits of the couple or sometimes even the family being shot in the studio either before or after. It is very cost effective for those who feel that pre wedding or post wedding shoot is expensive. It gives us the luxury of using different backdrops in the same setup instead of going to different locations. It has a formal look for those who want to make announcements on newspapers or magazines.

Traditional photographs at venue:

There is always a traditional photographer at the wedding venue. He/she captures the events in the traditional way. These photographs are usually posed wherein, the photographer tells the couple how to pose and what to do.

Why should you hire Muthu Kannan photography for traditional wedding photography?

Our team has made many weddings memorable with our beautiful photography. Not only do our photographers know how to capture good photographs but, we also make the entire process as stress free as possible for the bride and groom. Our prices are also unbelievably low. This is what makes Muthu Kannan photography your number one choice for traditional wedding photography in Chennai.


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