Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer in Chennai:

Wedding photography is the liveliest branch of photography. Capturing the vivid colors, variety of textures, different faces, splendid cultures all these makes the entire experience exhilarating. While on one hand it’s exciting, on the other hand, it can be exhausting for the photographer to carry around all the equipments and shoot in the crowd with so much activity happening around.

There are two types of photographers that people hire to capture weddings. They are

  • Candid photographer
  • Traditional photographer

Candid photographer:

The candid photographer captures all the events happening at the wedding without the knowledge of the people who are being captured. Hence, the photos come out naturally and there is the beauty of raw expressions seen in these photographs. The candid wedding photographer randomly goes round the venue capturing beautiful faces and frames.

Traditional photographer:

Traditional photographer is there to cover all the events that are happening in a sequence and also, he instructs the people in frame on how to pose, where to look etc. he controls the outcome of the photograph to a very large extent.

Pre wedding and post wedding shoot:

Pre wedding shoot and post wedding shoot usually is a mixture of posed and candid photos. So, either one of the photographers would do the pre wedding or post wedding photo shoot or sometimes, even both of them together would do the shoot.

Why should you hire Muthu Kannan photography?

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